Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Updated about me

Before you read just a heads up this post is kinda all over the place I'm still trying to figure out how my writing or typing whatever style is going to be so bare with me. I hope you Enjoy!

So I haven't posted on here in a hot minute and some things have changed some good and some bad but I have defiantly learned from all of it. So Firstly I'm now 18 years old which was exciting and scary at the same time cause I still am a teenager but I'm now consider an "adult" which I don't really feel like I am. I'm in my senior year of dancing which is kinda sad cause next year I won't get to dance, this is my 12th year so I guess its time to move onto a new hobby. I now have a job at a retail store in the mall which is pretty fun and the girls I work with are pretty cool. Third Jordan and I are still best friends we still haven't met yet, we thought we were going to Feb 2016 but that didn't happen. But we are going to for sure July 2017 we have the date set and we meet in 85 days! Super exciting my dad and I are going to make the 9 hours + trip so we can meet, super thankful for my dad he's the one making it all happen for me!

So my music style has changed so much I feel like. I don't really listen to any of the music I put in my post over a year ago which I guess isn't that surprising cause it has been over a year.

So like I said a lot has changed in the past year or so. I thought I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up but that has changed cause now I'm grown up (sorta when I say "grown up" I mean collage) and I don't know what I'm doing 90% of the time. From the age of like 13 I knew what I wanted to be no matter what any body said and people has had stuff to say about it but I didn't care it was what I wanted to do but now I'm not so sure. Not because I listen to the people who didn't agree but because I know I have to think about my future and what I want and the career I want is just not going to support me financially, which sucks cause it's what I had my heart set on to do. But I'm not settling for a job I'm gonna hate for the rest of my life so for now I'm gonna keep my mind open and explore all of my options and look into other things that interests me.

So this "adult" thing is okay I guess the only real fun thing about it at first was I could sign for my very first tattoo! Which let me say it hurts but not as bad as I thought it would, defiantly going for a second one soon! Actually I said the only fun thing at first when really it the only fun thing at all!

So I can't think anymore things so yeah I suck at this.
But like I said at the beginning sorry about my all over the place writing still trying to figure this out. But hopefully it won't be another year before I post again!

                                                                                                            - Frankimay